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New Recycling Equipment Firm Targets the Plastics Recycling Industry

ADG Solutions, a company that is focusing on servicing the plastics reclaim and recycling industry, has recently opened. To accomplish this, the company is introducing equipment that is geared toward processing various types of scrap plastics.

The machinery the equipment is marketing includes specialized machinery for difficult-to-reprocess scrap such as foamed polystyrene; dirty materials that require washing; and materials heavily contaminated with fibers, paper labels and other non-plastics.

The founder of the company, Sandy Guthrie, has more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry.

“The mission of ADG Solutions is to provide equipment systems that can transform plastics scrap into high-value raw material, regardless of the original condition of the scrap or the difficulty of handling it,” says Guthrie. “Our initial product offerings can enable a wide range of companies to achieve recycling efficiency, and in the process prevent both in-plant and post-consumer waste from ending up in landfills.”

The company’s equipment ranges in throughput from 500 pounds per hour to more than 10,000 pounds per hour. Its initial equipment offerings include:

? Reclaim extruders and systems. Davis-Standard LLC has appointed ADG Solutions as the exclusive North American distributor for its range of reclaim and compounding equipment. Included in the equipment are systems for low and high bulk density scrap, lightweight materials, loose film, fibers and scrap that is foamed, printed or rolled.

? Screen changers for contaminated scrap. The Italian firm Fimic Officine Meccaniche SAS has named ADG Solutions as the exclusive North American importer of a range of self-cleaning screen changers for reprocessing of plastics scrap heavily contaminated with paper, fiber or other materials.

? Washers for hard and flexible scrap. ADG Solutions will represent a range of washing equipment developed by the Italian firm Tecnofer, a specialist in recycling systems. The washers are designed to clean difficult-to-handle scrap such as regrind or films. Systems for chip washing range from the very simple to complex ones for materials like agricultural films.

? Size reduction systems for polystyrene foam. Small machines designed by Sandy Guthrie and manufactured by ADG Solutions, this equipment achieves a 90:1 reduction in volume, densifying polystyrene foam from an initial 0.5 lb. per cubic foot to 45 lb. The machines size-reduce, melt and prepare the material in a form that can be ground for reuse.

For more information on ADG Solutions, call (203) 255-9444 or email [email protected]


Source : www.recyclingtoday.com

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