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Chroma Unveils Glow Putty for Rotational Molding

MCHENRY, IL — Chroma has come up with a Glow Putty which can be applied to a specific area in the rotational mold – making

that area glow in dark for up to 29 hours. The Glow Putty eliminates the need to make an entire part photoluminescent. The Glow Putty from Chroma has the capacity to glow in dark for 29 hours at a stretch “The Glow Putty is estimated to cost at least 80 percent less than a part molded entirely of the photoluminescent compounded material. The glow effect is also durable because the color is molded into the plastic,” said Stuart Swain, Director – Sales and Marketing of Chroma. In terms of processing, it works well in rotational molded products. This product allows the…

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