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BMW’s big order from KraussMaffei: multiple IMs, RIMs, and automation systems

KraussMaffei injection molding, reaction process and automation equipment are bound for BMW plants in Landshut,

Leipzig, and Wackersdorf, Germany, including three 4000-tonne molding machines, featuring either structural foam or rotating platen capabilities.

Frank Peters, managing director of the Reaction Process Machinery Division of KraussMaffei, said that parts for BMW vehicle bodies will be produced on a total of nine high-pressure resin-transfer molding machines at the automaker’s plants in Landshut and Leipzig. That order also includes equipment for post-mold finishing of components using KM trimming technology as well as a material supply system.

BMW Wackersdorf will take delivery of another MX 4000-24500 injection molding machine to produce stable mold carriers for the instrument panel in the BMW 1 and 3 Series using KM’s injection molding structural foam process. This process produces components with a compact outer skin and a foam structure inside. In addition to that injection molding machine, two integrated KM industrial robot will be delivered to handle assembly and other post-mold operations.

BMW’s Leipzig plant will add two 4000-tonne MX 4000-17200/12000/750 WL double swivel-plate machines. These presses will produce components with an outer skin and a thermoplastic substructure. The outer skin and substructure for these parts will each be separately injection molded, and then joined together as the two swivel plates rotate allowing the two parts to be joined via a third shot. Components leave the press ready-to-use, with the fully automated machine also featuring two IR industrial robots.


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