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Waste processing can make considerable cost-savings and improve profitability too

Riverside Waste Machinery is to show Futuresource visitors that with the right waste processing solution it is possible to not only make considerable cost-savings, but to improve profitability too.

Having recently unveiled the UNTHA TR series – a new secondary shredding concept for the processing of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) substances – Riverside has experienced significant interest from clients looking to make their business more successful by investing in such technological advancements.

Now the Riverside team will be conducting a series of one-to-one ‘waste profit potential’ consultations during the three-day Futuresource event, to illustrate how potentially difficult waste sorting, segregation and shredding processes can be handled with ease. Riverside’s shredding experts will explain how new waste processing methods allow companies to satisfy their commitments to landfill diversion initiatives, whilst also potentially generating an additional income stream.

Riverside managing director Chris Oldfield urges companies to come to stand KA21 (red zone) to share details of their waste products with his team: “We all need to pull together to work towards 100% recyclability. Often companies cannot rely on sporadic Government advice; however we have been in the waste processing business for over 20 years and have helped many, many clients to profitably recycle much of their normal waste stream.”

To illustrate just what is possible, Riverside cite the example of a small skip company that receives up to 40 tonnes of plastic waste a month which it currently sends straight on to a larger waste transfer processor. With the price of plastic rising, this could in fact provide a welcome additional revenue stream that not only easily covers the purchase of the shredding equipment required, but also generates a profit.


Source : www.recyclingnewsportal.com

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