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Macro Engineering announces new patent for Macro's auto air ring

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., a Canadian film and sheet extrusion  machinery manufacturer, has received a patent for its recently upgraded automatic air ring 每 the D10 PRO Automatic Dual Lip Air Ring.

The latest upgrades to the D10 PRO were created to simplify the operation of the air ring. Upgrades included new valves and motors for each control zone to improve reliability and redesigned software for faster and simpler startups. Installation has also been simplified by replacing heavy connection cables with a pair of light power and communication cables.

The company utilizes two general scanning methods with it’s automatic air ring; a traditional rotating scanner system that senses the film thickness as the bubble rises in the tower, and a flat scanner system that takes film thickness readings after the bubble has been collapsed.

“Both systems provide advantages,” states Macro’s R&D Director, Felix Guberman. “The flat system allows the use a wider range of non-nuclear scanners such as infrared, X-ray or ultrasound and can complete scans quicker. The rotating scanner setup requires less complicated setup and software.


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