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Arburg to exhibit high speed packaging solution at Interplastica 2015

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At Interplastica , Arburg will present an efficient production solution based around a hybrid Allrounder injection molding machine from the Hidrive series focusing on the packaging industry.

A “Packaging” version of the Allrounder 570 H, featuring a clamping force of 1,800kN and a size 800 injection unit, will produce screw caps in a cycle time of 3.5s with a 24-cavity mold from Z-moulds.

Plastics machines
Arburg to exhibit high speed packaging solution at Interplastica 2015

Downstream from the injection molding process is a closure cooling unit from Green Box. The screw caps are cooled down immediately after demolding on a cooling line to ensure a high degree of dimensional stability. The quality of all the finished parts is then checked inline at an optical quality control station supplied by Intravis.

The Allrounders in the “Packaging” version combine high productivity with reduced energy consumption, providing fast, precise, energy-saving mold movements (through servo-electric toggle-type clamping units), high plasticizing flow rate (through barrier screws and servo-electric dosage drives), dynamic position-regulated screws and effective injection volume flows, according to Arburg.

A servo-electric ejector with a hydraulic booster function, i.e. an increased ejection force of 250kN, is equipped for ejection of mass-produced screw caps. The “eject” and “open mold” steps can be synchronized. The dropping of the molded parts can be adjusted to keep the mold opening times short.

In addition, higher screw circumferential speeds enable correspondingly short dosage times. This permits very fast cycle times to be achieved, Arburg explained.

Interplastica 2015 will be held in Moscow, Russia from January 27-30.

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