Arburg introduces Industry 4.0 concept to press group at Lossburg, Germany headquarters

On June 29, Arburg introduced its Industry 4.0 concept to a press tour organized by “Baden-Württemberg International”

At Arburg, the members of the press learned how customers can use Arburg products to implement Industry 4.0 and how the company has already put this principle into practice at its own production facility.

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Arburg introduces Industry 4.0 concept to press group at Lossburg, Germany headquarters

Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Arburg, explained that Industry 4.0 relates to both Arburg’s products and to its production facility, mentioning that the company already laid the foundations for digitally networked production in both areas over 30 years ago.

Interlinking injection molding and additive manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies enables the individualization of mass-produced articles. As well as enhancing added value, this also allows completely new business concepts to be realized.

Klaus Schäfer, Head of Work Preparation, explained various systems and processes and showed how Arburg successfully implements Industry 4.0 in its own production facility. These include, for example, interactive production planning and a just-in-sequence supply of parts to the assembly stations.

Furthermore, the company uses IT in all aspects of its work, from logistics through to data archiving, relaying on SAP and a number of self-organizing processes.

Other examples of Industry 4.0 in Arburg’s production facility include highly automated machining centers that operate unmanned during the night and at weekends, a flexible production system that links the warehouse, assembly stations and processing machines, as well as a transport control system that manages more than 3,500 transport tasks each day fully automatically.

According to the company, the components and products can be uniquely identified and located at any time and their history and current status are known.