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APPE introduces five new round jars to its ThermaLite PET container range

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APPE, a rigid plastic packaging solutions supplier in the UK, has extended its range of ThermaLite polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container with five new round jars specifically developed for the food market as replacements for glass packaging.

ThermaLite is a 100% PET jar that can be hot or cold filled at temperatures up to 95°C and then pasteurized at a slightly lower temperature with most methods of pasteurization, according to the company.

plastics news
APPE introduces five new round jars to its ThermaLite PET container range

“This next generation of ThermaLite jars represents a considerable step-change in the ability to use PET jars in the hot-filling and pasteurization of food products,” said Mike Hanratty, APPE’s Commercial and Business Development Director. “We are delighted to be the only packaging specialist in Europe to offer this technology.”

Available in five sizes from 212-720ml, all with a 63mm neck opening, the new round jars are suitable for food applications such as cooking sauces, pasta sauces, pesto, tomato-based products, pickled vegetables, relishes, chutneys, fruit purées, jams and spreads.

As said, they are up to 85% lighter than glass. Take the 375ml jar for example, around 19% more ThermaLite jars can be transported in the logistical chain than glass counterparts. Based on a volume of 10 million jars, this equates to around 73 or 24% less trucks being used in comparison to glass.

For fillers, the shatterproof jars can be used on glass filling lines with little or no modification required. Line downtime and batch spoilage due to breakage is virtually eliminated.

For retailers, breakage and spoilage is also greatly reduced, increasing safety for consumers and employees. The perfect clarity of the jar allows the contents to be clearly seen and creates stronger on-shelf impact. The jars are easy to open and reclose with metal twist-off cap used in glass jar.


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