Billion demonstrates SD cards molding-K2010 preview

Billion, a French injection molding machine maker and Polar-Form will show at the coming K2010, the worldㄙs No. 1 plastics and rubber  trade fair, the production of SD cards on Select injection molding machine.

A 2+2 cavity tool will be installed on a Billion Select full-electric H80-50 Tons, the smallest clamping unit of the range, available from 50 to 400 Tons. The main assets of this application are: small footprint, precision and energy efficiency, combined with the production in a clean environment.

On the K fair, the Billion full-electric machine from the Select range is equipped with a Ø 18 mm screw, especially adapted to PC. The machine produces with the cooled runner mold from Polar-Form the two shells (upper and lower) of an SD card. The total injected weight is 3.7g. The particular design of the mold allows for the sprue to be separated from the part during the holding phase, thereby avoiding an additional operation after production. The mold is very compact (296x246x316 mm), and may be mounted on very small tonnage machines. At Polar-Form, in the real production configuration, an on-line assembling unit completes the installation; according to Dieter Goeppert from Polar-Form, this is the reason why the choice for 2+2 cavities has been made.

A closed cooling system in the mold (3+3) ensures the optimized cycle time of 8 seconds.

The high performance used material LG DOW Calibre 301V-10 provides the ideal fluidity to the process. A closed conveyor from MTF-Technik (Bergneustadt – Germany) dedicated to parts evacuation is installed under the high speed toggle of the machine. Parts remain protected from dust. The mold together with the machine and the conveyor are working in a clean environment.

This demonstration combines a very precise full-electric injection molding machine and a compact mold. The manufacturing cell may also be fitted with a laminar flow box for certification according to the ISO 14644-1 for clean rooms in class 6.


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