Ampacet Expands its Footprint in Luxembourg

Ampacet Expands its Footprint in Luxembourg
Ampacet Expands its Footprint in Luxembourg
Ampacet Expands its Footprint in Luxembourg

According to latest news from European plastic industry one of the renowned Materials makers of the region, Ampacet has decided to invest a lofty sum of €25m in the creation of a new headquarter in Dudelange, Luxembourg. According to news from the sources the move was initiated by the company to organize and regulate its operation in various regions of Middle-East, Africa and Europe.

Meanwhile, professionals and stakeholders from the region have overwhelmingly welcomed the move as it would help them meeting the requirements of plastic materials in the region. It is important to underline here that the company has expanded its footprints in the region in last month by forming black and white masterbatch production in the region that has increased the capacity of its present unit by 60%.

According to news that have surfaced in last few weeks the company selected Luxembourg as its expansion center as the city is located in the centre and offers pretty conducive environment for plastic entrepreneurs and professionals. In addition to these features the Benelux region of the country is one of the leading markets for masterbatch, additives and color.

According to reports from the company the new plant that the company is intending to initiate will be used to improve its environmental footprints. The facility will be equipped with a waste water treatment plant and there will also be a sorting area for recycling. While the production line of the unit will be used to recover wasted heat. According to reports from various sources Benelux has emerged as the third largest consumer of masterbatches, behind Germany and Italy but ahead of France and the United Kingdom.

About Ampacet

Ampacet is one of the renowned names in the European plastic and chemical industry. The new and latest technologies of the company in the sector of plastic material manufacturing bring plastic alive, giving it the right look and function for almost any end use. Ampacet has been serving its clients and customers since 1937.

Some of the important products of the company include:

  • Masterbatch formulas
  • High pigment loadings
  • Temperature resistances
  • UV resistance
  • Electrical conductivity

While the move is being welcomed by industry professionals and experts the company has said that it would help the company serving its clients in a much better way and ensure the quality that their clients demand from them. The move will strengthen their existing position in the region.

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