Kim Michael Appointed as North Reion Director of PlasticsEurope

Kim Michael Appointed as North Reion Director of PlasticsEurope
Kim Michael Appointed as North Reion Director of PlasticsEurope
Kim Michael Appointed as North Reion Director of PlasticsEurope

According to the latest news from European plastic industry Kim Michael Christiansen, has been appointed as the North region Director of PlasticsEurope. According to reports from the company the northern region of the organization will include United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries. With the appointment Kim replaced Jan-Erik Johansson who retired after serving as director, secondment from Borealis, since 2005.

Professionals across the region has welcomed the decision of the organization and congratulated Kim for the post that he will be holding in next couple of days. According to news that has surfaced in last few days with his appointment the industry will be benefitted with his creative and ideal decisions as he has been an economist with more than 20 years of experience in the plastic and chemical sector. According to reports from sources in his long tenure of 20 years 20 years he served various companies and reputed organizations from government departments, EU-institutions and trade associations dealing with environmental affairs, consumer affairs, CSR and sustainability.

While talking to media personnel and industry experts Kim said though there are plenty of hurdles and obstacles that lie in our way still he is confident to overcome all those obstacles and will create a favorable environment to let industries flourish.  While talking about his appointment he said “I am especially looking forward to continuing main initiatives in the North Region such as the Plastics 2020 Challenge on waste management in the UK or our educational programmes in Scandinavia,”

About PlasticEurope
PlasticEurope is the renowned and Brussels based European trade Association and has been serving the industry since long back. The organization boasts of having representatives across all European Union’s 27 member states. With its robust service and products the organization has emerged as the recognized voice of European plastic industry. PlasticsEurope has developed close partnerships with sister associations that represent the European plastics manufacturing chain, which includes 50,000 converters and over 1,000 machinery manufacturers as well.

PlasticsEurope promotes the positive contributions of plastics by:
• Providing society with educational information to help raise awareness and correct misconceptions
• Highlighting the material’s beneficial properties and its positive contributions to society throughout its life cycle
• Communicating plastics contribution to sustainable development, innovation and quality of life
• Liaising with European and national institutions in policy matters to secure decisions based on accurate information
• Initiating in-depth studies and sharing experiences.

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