Amcor Wins Three DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards

Amcor Wins Three DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards
Amcor Wins Three DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards
Amcor Wins Three DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards

Amcor, the world’s leading packaging solutions company, has been recognised at the prestigious DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards for its leadership in delivering innovation excellence over 25 years, as well as winning Diamond and Silver awards for packaging innovation in this year’s competition.

Winner, Silver Anniversary “Continuing Innovation” Award
Amcor was honoured with an overall DuPont “Continuing Innovation” Award, recognising its continued, company-wide, innovation. Amcor has won 11 DuPont Innovation Awards over the past 25 years, covering a range of innovations that help its customers deliver products to consumers safely and sustainably.

Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Ken MacKenzie, said: “We are delighted to be recognised by DuPont for our long-standing commitment to innovation. We continue to work closely with customers and suppliers to deliver innovative and responsible packaging that provides real benefit to end-consumers and the broader community. This award is great recognition of Amcor’s talented co-workers who passionately and relentlessly apply art and science to develop innovative packaging solutions and bring them to commercial reality.”

Shanna Moore, Program Leader, DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers said: “DuPont Continuing Innovation Award winners have shaped our industry in many ways by challenging traditions and responding quickly to consumer needs. Amcor embodies the spirit of continuing innovation having won 11 DuPont Packaging Awards.”

In addition to winning the “Continuing Innovation” Award, Amcor’s business group, Amcor Flexibles was recognised for two additional DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards.

Amcor partners with customer, ColaLife to win premier Diamond and Special 25th Anniversary “Food Security” Award
Amcor Flexibles supported developing a unique, life-saving, anti-diarrhea drug delivery system called AidPod created by its customer, ColaLife. This innovative package delivers life-saving medicine to children in remote villages through Coca-Cola distribution channels. The package holds oral rehydration salts, zinc and soap and acts as a sterile vessel to measure water for correct dosing. It is also designed to sit neatly in between Coca-Cola glass bottles within crates. Amcor Flexibles developed the peelable lidding film that seals the pack. The pack is treated with Amcor P-Plus® technology, which ensures any sudden pressure changes are dissipated to avoid bursting the pack, so it arrives safely.

Amcor Formpack® with Advanced Blister Design wins Silver Award in “Innovation”
Amcor received the Silver Award for Excellence in Innovation for a major advancement in its Formpack® product range, which is used to protect pharmaceutical solids such as tablets, capsules or powders. Amcor Flexibles re-engineered its Advanced Blister Design pack to optimise cavity sizes and remove perforation. This major design advancement has reduced material consumption by more than 30%, improved the moisture protection of the drug by over 40% and increased the number of tablets per pack by 50%.

Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas Vice President Research & Development, Mr Bob Biasi said: “The new design was driven by advancements in Amcor Flexibles’ proprietary design simulation tool, allowing for the optimum selection and design of blister materials. The simulation software has calculated the removal of the perforations between blisters, leading to a significant reduction of the humidity diffusion into the cavities.

“We are delighted that our new Formpack® with Advanced Blister Design offers improved product safety and protection, while reducing waste and our environmental footprint. What’s more, it influences better health outcomes for patients by providing safer packaging,” Mr Biasi said.

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