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Thin wall packaging industry undergoes structural changes, says AMI Consulting

Thin wall packaging industry undergoes structural changes, says AMI Consulting

A recent report from AMI Consulting pinpointed that in recent years thin wall packaging has become a space of dynamic structural changes in the rigid plastics market. Thin wall packaging is a large and relatively stable market in Europe, with the consumption of 3.1 million tons of polymer in 2015, according to the report. TheRead More

Platts: global petrochemical prices dropped 1.1% in December

Prices in the global petrochemicals market in December, expressed as a monthly average, were US$796 per metric ton (/mt), down 1.1% or US$9 per mt, from November’s average, according to the just-released monthly Platts Global Petrochemical Index (PGPI). Prices also closed the month on a low note, with an end-of-month closing physical price that wasRead More

January expectations diverge in global polyolefin markets

As reported on www.ChemOrbis.com, global polyolefin markets ended 2015 in the midst of fluctuating energy costs, stagnant trade given the year end book closures, holidays and slower economies. PP and PE markets in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa closed the year on a weak note with initial fresh offers coming lower. Prices in ChinaRead More

Egypt’s PP market hits the lowest levels since 2009

According to ChemOrbis Price Wizard, Egypt’s PP raffia market hit its lowest levels seen since 2009 both for import and local prices. This past week, distributors’ overall raffia prices saw additional decreases of EGP100-500/ton ($13-64/ton). Within the range, Egyptian cargoes tracked a stable to EGP150/ton ($19/ton) softer trend while locally held Middle Eastern cargoes wereRead More

HDPE, LLDPE prices trade at discount to ethylene in China

Players active in China commented that the imbalance between spot prices for ethylene and PE continues to intensify, with data from ChemOrbis Price Wizard showing that import HDPE film prices are now trading at a discount to ethylene. LLDPE film prices, meanwhile, continue to trade at a discount to ethylene, as has been the caseRead More

Protective packaging demand in US to reach US$6.8 billion in 2019, forecasts Freedonia

Bolstered by strong gains in Internet shopping, demand for protective packaging in the US is forecast to expand 4.9% per year to US$6.8 billion in 2019, according to a new report of Freedonia. As consumers purchase more products online, demand will increase for packaging which can protect these goods from shock, vibration, abrasion, and otherRead More


December PE increases exceed ethylene hike in Europe

As reported on www.ChemOrbis.com, December PE prices have emerged higher across Europe over the past week, supported by firmer upstream costs. Sellers are aiming for increases larger than the hike of €22.5/ton in ethylene contracts, pointing to the prevailing supply constraints for PE. A South European producer is giving offers for their December PE contractsRead More

Egypt’s local PP and PE markets see decreases

As reported on www.ChemOrbis.com, in Egypt, devaluation of the Egyptian pound back in October had caused prices for the locally held imported cargoes to gain significant increases. Hindered import purchases amidst higher exchange rates and longer customs clearance procedures had also limited the supply in the distribution market. Sellers, trying to avoid losses stemming fromRead More