Published On: Wed, Feb 13th, 2013

KHS InnoPET Blomax Series IV awarded the “Energy-efficient System Technology” certificate from TÜV SÜD

KHS InnoPET Blomax Series IV awarded the "Energy-efficient System Technology" certificate from TÜV SÜD

KHS InnoPET Blomax Series IV awarded the "Energy-efficient System Technology" certificate from TÜV SÜD

The beverage, food, and non-food industries demand high quality technical systems that include not only sustainability aspects but specifically reduce the cost of running production operation as well.

KHS traditionally meets this demand by supplying innovative filling and packing technology. In the development of the InnoPET Blomax Series IV generation of stretch blow molding machines, emphasis has also been placed on reducing overall operating costs and conserving resources in the production of premium PET bottles.

This machine has met fully the high expectations of KHS and its customers around the globe since it was first launched to the market and has now received an award. As an independent testing and certification company, TÜV SÜD awarded the InnoPET Blomax Series IV the “Energy-efficient System Technology” certificate – a highly recognized award worldwide.

The presentation of the coveted TÜV certificate was preceded by a comparison of the InnoPET Blomax Series IV and the predecessor model, the InnoPET Blomax Series III, in practical operation. Identical container types were produced on both machines. The result: the InnoPET Blomax Series IV reduces the comparative blow air consumption by up to 30%, it requires 43% less electrical power, and requires 49% less cooling capacity. To date, KHS Corpoplast predicted a 15% decrease in the compressed air consumption and a 25% reduction in the energy consumption and cooling capacity. The figures determined by TÜV SÜD were thus considerably more positive than those KHS Corpoplast previously communicated to the industry.

The newly developed heater above all contributes towards the high energy savings. InnoPET Blomax Series IV uses short-wave near infrared radiation instead of classic infrared radiation to heat up the preforms. This cuts the time required for heating preforms in half versus the InnoPET Blomax Series III. As a direct result, the space required for the heater of the InnoPET Blomax Series IV is only half of the original space requirement. Specifically redesigning the valve block brought about a reduction in the compressed air consumption of the InnoPET Blomax Series IV. The dead space volume (volume of air applied at high pressure but which does not help to shape the PET bottles) is reduced by about 30%.

Dr. Thomas van Hamme, head of Design Engineering and Development at KHS Corpoplast says, “Even when it comes to energy efficiency and TCO, KHS Corpoplast has always been a pioneer among suppliers of stretch blow molding equipment. With the “Energy-efficient System Technology” certificate from TÜV SÜD we are now setting yet another benchmark.”

Incidentally, in addition to further increasing the energy efficiency the InnoPET Blomax Series IV offers numerous other benefits in comparison to the previous generation. Using an active mandrel has optimized preform handling during the process, for example. Complex transfer systems are thus no longer necessary. The blowing stations have also been re-engineered. Because the blowing stations are staggered on the blowing wheel and are now only opened on one side, more blow stations than were previously possible can be integrated onto one blowing wheel of the same size.

Each individual blowing station is now able to produce up to 2,250 bottles per hour (Series III: 1,800). The servo motor-driven stretching process within the blowing station additionally ensures that the speed of the blow molder is always perfectly adapted to the speed of the filling system and that materials are optimally distributed within the PET bottles. In terms of specific material savings, the InnoPET Blomax Series IV thus uses preforms comprised of PET materials that have been optimized down to the last tenth of a gram.

Dr. Michael Bunk, head auditor at TÜV SÜD says, “We are very pleased that an internationally active company such as KHS places such great importance on sustainability in general, and energy efficiency in particular. This strengthens not only the company’s competitiveness but also demonstrates at the same time a high degree of responsibility towards the environment and society.”

Incidentally, this is the second time that KHS has been awarded the “Energy-efficient System Technology” certificate from TÜV SÜD. The award was presented for the first time for the first model of the new Innofill Glass filler, the first platform-based product in the new filler series for glass bottles. With this machine KHS recently heralded a generation change in filling machines for glass bottles.