Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2012

Engel underlines high penetration in auto sector

Engel underlines high penetration in auto sector

Engel underlines high penetration in auto sector

Ten of the top 15 automotive suppliers in the world trust injection molding technology from Engel according to the Austrian machine builder. The Engel analysis was based on the latest list of the Top 100 Automotive Suppliers for 2011 in the trade magazine Automobil Produktion. Each year, the editorial team of the business magazine for the sector ranks the biggest automotive supplier groups by turnover.

Since the list covers the whole supplier market and not just plastics processing businesses, Engel says market penetration for relevant companies is close to 100 percent.

“Two main factors are responsible for such a strong market position”, says Jochen Wallmüller, Sales Manager (Key Accounts) at Engel Austria. “Firstly, we have pooled our automotive expertise into a special business unit linked to specific key account management, and secondly we have consistently oriented our products, technologies and system solutions around the latest trends in the sector.”

Since the pressure on costs is high in the automotive industry, the cost-effectiveness of products and processes is one of the most important criteria in any decision to invest. The versatility of Engel is reportedly instrumental in maximizing efficiency potential: not only does Engel supply injection molding machines, process technologies and molds from a single source, it also delivers fully integrated Engel viper linear machines, Engel easix multi-axis robots and special solutions, sometimes based on semi-integrated multi-axis robots from other reputable manufacturers.

Engel says it thus combines efficiency and cost-effectiveness with a flair for innovation, thereby enabling customers around the globe to produce with maximum quality at minimal unit cost. Engel also works with partner firms in many cases to develop pace-setting new products for the automotive industry and its supply sector. The company has pioneered products for the lightweight construction area as well as the use of capacitive sensors (so-called ‘smart plastics’).

In recent years, Engel has succeeded in expanding its market share significantly right around the world. Injection molding machines in high clamping force classes – mainly deployed for applications in the automotive industry – account for a large proportion of that share.

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