CHINAPLAS unveils new image to celebrate its 30th edition next year

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CHINAPLAS, the Asia’s no. 1 and world’s no. 2 plastics and rubber trade fair, has unveiled its new image to celebrate the show running to its 30th edition next year.

The new visual signifies its growth, transformation, and the readiness in turning a new chapter, according to the organizer, Adsale Exhibition Serviced Ltd. It will appear across the communication materials and at the fair.

Plastics Industry News

CHINAPLAS unveils new image to celebrate its 30th edition next year

Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale, said, “The 30th edition of CHINAPLAS has marked a significant milestone for the show. When it was first inaugurated in 1983 in Beijing, China, it was a very small show consisting of barely over a hundred exhibiting booths in some two thousand square meters of area. To date, the show has been developed to the world’s second largest International show and the China’s only plastics and rubber trade show approved by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), serving over 3,200 exhibitors and some 140,000 professional buyers all over the world.”

The show’s signature bright red color will be applied across the designs to not only exude the upbeat feeling, but signify the plastics and rubber technologies brightening up different aspects of people’s lives.

The visual is composed of different geometric symbols such as square, circle, strip and triangle, representing different industrial sectors in the abstract forms, to epitomize our ambitions in serving them. For example, circle is used to symbolize automotive sector as their main components such as wheels, stirring wheel and headlamps are in round shape.

The new logo of 30th edition comprises the Arabic number “30” but is read in the upward direction. As looking at it closely, it consists of three circles but in different degree of fullness, from incomplete circles to a full circle, signifying CHINAPLAS’ progression to perfection and the vision toward sustainability.

Ms Leung added, “The industrial world is changing rapidly and we need to be on the same page with our audience. CHINAPLAS is put on a contemporary look which is more in line with our transformations. Through this image revamp exercise, we hope that our audience can find higher resonance and relevancy to the messages we intend to deliver.”

“In the last edition, concurrent events such as Design x Innovation, Industrial Automation Zone and Medical Plastics Conference were hugely well received by visitors. At CHINAPLAS 2016, the show will keep the momentum on the run to bring in more automated, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the fairground. We also look forward to organizing more high quality and special activities at the show in commemorating this momentous occasion.”


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