The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has published a report on plastic waste and recycling which shows a marked increase in the amount of plastic packaging being recycled in local authority collections.

The Plastic Market Situation Report shows recycling of plastic packaging has grown more than 50 per cent since 2009 and the majority of local authorities have now introduces mixed plastic collections (up to an estimated 67 per cent in 2014/15).

The report provided a detailed assessment of the different types of plastics’ end markets in the UK and abroad, by polymer and by end users.

“This report provides much needed clarity to some of the challenges the sector has faced recently as well as confidence on where to invest next. Plastic recyclers don’t have to wait for oil prices to rise again. There are markets out there that will work that aren’t linked to oil prices,” said Marcus Gover, director at Waste & Resources Action Programmes (WRAP).

According to the report, for non-consumer plastics there was an estimated 231,000 tonnes of bottles while PTTs account for 108,000 tonnes and film is estimated at 348,000 tonnes.


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