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WITTMANN’s Aton F70 rescues molders from humidity

WITTMANN’s Aton F70 rescues molders from humidity
WITTMANN’s Aton F70 rescues molders from humidity
WITTMANN’s Aton F70 rescues molders from humidity

The jet stream may be causing climatic mayhem throughout the world but WITTMANN’s Aton F70 materials dryer is making sure that plastics processors worldwide do not suffer from seasonal issues of humidity and moisturization of polymer.

The DRYMAX Aton F70 is the WITTMANN’s response to a groundswell of enquiries for processing help, particularly from smaller to medium-sized plastics companies and from specialist operations. Larger plastics processors typically address the humidity problem with pre-emptive dehumidifying technology in the outdoor silos and with central drying systems. The DRYMAX Aton F70 is the smaller, flexible and more mobile solution for beside-the-press operations.

Markus Wolfram, Sales Manager Material Handling, says that WITTMANN is offering customers the advantage of the DRYMAX Aton F70 consisting of:

– The Aton’s innovative segment wheel drying technology (with a tower option as alternative)
– A number of energy saving modes, including 3-Save and EcoMode
– Low maintenance (no binding agents) product costs
– Low consumables cost (e.g. desiccant replacement)

A variety of hopper volumes are offered: The DRYMAX Aton F70 is able to dry approximately 40 kg/hr, based on glass filled polyamide. For this throughput range the dryer is available in a mobile version with preferably 150 l, 2x 70 l or 3x 50 l hopper sizes.

To monitor and to run the unit based on the dew point this DRYMAX model optionally includes a dew point sensor with a certificate of calibration. The Aton includes 3-Save process and EcoMode situated at the dryer. The insulated stainless steel drying hoppers are also equipped with the Material-Saver-Function which avoids any thermal damage of the material. The multiple hopper versions are complete with WITTMANN’s SmartFlow valve technology.

Wolfram explains that the EcoMode option fitted to the DRYMAX Aton F70 ‘is a great feature. This mode will help companies to find the right drying operation – and all can be done without any action of the operator.’

Once the EcoMode is activated the dryer automatically selects the most efficient operation mode, Wheel or Tower. During the Wheel-process the Aton segment wheel is moving all the time through a regeneration process phase which guarantees a constant dew point. During the Tower-process the wheel is moving sequentially and reduces the energy consumption. Based on the water load the DRYMAX Aton selects the needed operation process.

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