Nitin Seth joined Incedo in 2017, and since then he has never looked back to conventional ways of doing business. He has transformed the data analytics firm with new-age digital technologies and has led the company to its next phase of growth.

In his dynamic leadership experience of over 25 years, he has learned the art of using digital in business management. Before joining Incedo, Seth was the COO of Flipkart and prior to his stint at the e-commerce player, he was the managing director and country head of investment firm Fidelity International in India.

“I am fortunate to have worked with global companies which have given me the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge. I believe that one should always Think big and take risks – get out of the “comfort zone” and you will frequently find the downside of taking risks is often less harmful than what you fear, and the upside is more rewarding than you imagine. There are no shortcuts to excellence, you have to be resilient and persistent,” Seth expressed.

Thought behind writing the book

Seth’s innate curiosity led to a path of training as an engineer, graduate business school, and eventually a McKinsey consultant. And he was fortunate that his career coincided with the rise of the Digital Age.

“As I spent my career working on Digital Transformation across industries and enterprises, I collected, created, and was able to test frameworks and common-sense practices from all areas of business and life. It was here that I felt an urgent need was unmet- How do you approach a seemingly unstable world in a state of constant change, a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous and ‘win’?” Seth added.

As the idea of the book formed, he decided to provide more than theories, or projections, but rather a hands-on, field-tested, practitioners’ perspective to bring clarity to the complex topic of Digital Transformation and Winning in the Digital Age.

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