Under the motto “be smart”, Wittmann Battenfeld showcased its first all-electric high-speed injection moulding EcoPower machine and a multi-component model from its SmartPower Combimould series at K 2016 in Düsseldorf.

The new EcoPower Xpress 400/11speed is primarily geared to the requirements of the packaging and thin-wall industry. The highly dynamic drive axes for injection, as well as closing and opening of the EcoPower Xpress, are designed for fast movements and enhanced control accuracy. High energy efficiency is achieved by using servo drives. EcoPower Xpress stands for high output with optimised utilisation of energy Wittmann Battenfeld says, “making a vital contribution to sustainability in plastics processing”.

The EcoPower Xpress 400/1100+ exhibited is the first size of this machine series, which will be available from Autumn 2017 onwards with clamping forces ranging from 2,100 to 5,000 kN.

At the K show the EcoPower Xpress was displayed with a Wittmann W837 in-mould labelling IML system. On the EcoPower Xpress 400/1100+, lids made of polypropylene were injection-moulded within a cycle time of 4.7 seconds with an eight-cavity mould supplied by Greiner Packaging, Austria. The W837 side-entry robot from Wittmann inserted the IML foils, removed the labelled lids, subsequently presented them to an integrated camera for quality inspection and then separated the good parts from rejects. The IML system comes with compact design and a facility for fast foil change.
Wittmann Battenfeld also presented its first multi-component model SmartPower machines under the Combimould brand name. The machines of the SmartPower series come with energy-saving servo drive technology as standard equipment. This technology is also installed in the multi-component machines, which means that every single injection unit of the SmartPower Combimould comes with its own servo-hydraulic drive. The resulting advantages for users are energy efficiency and separate, parallel operation of all injection units resulting in short cycle times with low energy consumption.

The compact drive units of the SmartPower Combimould are integrated in the machine frame, which means that the footprint of the multi-component version is just as compact as that of the standard SmartPower. The dimensions of the machine’s control cabinet can also be left unchanged, since sufficient space is available for plugging in the additional amplifier units. Consequently, the multi-component version of the SmartPower takes up no more space than a standard machine from this series.

The enlarged distances between tie-bars of the servo-hydraulic SmartPower provide space for the installation of relatively large rotary units and large moulds. Wittmann Battenfeld says. this particular feature makes the SmartPower an optimal choice for multi-component applications.

It adds that the modularity and flexibility of the SmartPower Combimould is equal in every respect to its predecessor machine series, the HM. This means that the machines are available in V, S or L configurations as standard. Special configurations such as the H-H configuration are also possible.

The new SmartPower Combimould comes equipped with the new, smart Unilog B8 control system. With its “smart screen” feature, this control system offers Combimould machines the facility to display and operate two different functions simultaneously on one screen and makes it possible to keep two injection units in view on a single page.

The new multi-component version of the SmartPower makes multi-colour, composite, assembly and multi-component injection moulding with ease and minimal energy consumption. The SmartPower can be supplied as a multi-component machine with clamping forces ranging from 600 to 3,500 kN. Larger Combimould models with up to 20,000 kN clamping force are realised with the MacroPower series of large machines.


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