Wacker presented novel polymer binders and silicones for paints, coatings, construction, packaging and adhesives applications

Wacker presented novel polymer binders and silicones for paints
Wacker presented novel polymer binders and silicones for paints
Wacker presented novel polymer binders and silicones for paints

At the recently concluded European Coating Show (ECS) in Nuremberg, Germany, Wacker Chemie AG introduced several novel silicone resins and polymeric binders for the construction, packaging and adhesives industries.

Solutions for Paints and Coatings
The novel silicone resin emulsion SILRES BS 1303 is suitable for formulating coatings with moderately hydrophobic surfaces, but does not show pronounced surface hydrophobicity. Further, the product prevents pinholing of the plaster. The new VINNAPAS LL 3019 dispersion is a versatile binder for high-quality paints and plasters, whether for outdoor applications with high color stability or for low emission indoor paints (VOC < 1g/l).

Industrial Coatings for Heat and Fire Protection
The new polymer dispersion VINNAPAS LL 3112 is a binder for intumescent coatings. These special fire-protection coatings encase steel girders, allowing the load-bearing structures of a building to remain stable for longer in case of a fire. The new dispersion now enables highly fire resistant coatings with fire resistance class F120 to be achieved (heat protection for up to 120 minutes).

For heat protection of pots, pans, water boilers or ovens, Wacker introduced the silicone-resin emulsion SILRES MPF 52E: the new binder component significantly improves the heat resistance of binders and allows low-solvent or even completely solvent-free coatings to be formulated that do not require classification as hazardous substances.

Polymer Binders for Construction and Concrete Applications
For the first time, Wacker showcased the new ETONIS 260 for drainage concrete for road surfacing in railway tunnels durable yet water-permeable. This enables rescue vehicles and fire engines to get to the scene of an accident inside a tunnel quickly and without any problems. Furthermore, it facilitates the transport of moisture from the tunnel, significantly reduces the formation of puddles or backed-up water and makes the surface more durable overall.

Wacker also presented the new VINNAPAS 5111 L, a VOC reduced powder for the formulation of self-leveling flooring compounds that conform to strict eco-labeling requirements, such as EMICODE EC1+ or Blue Angel. With its VINNAPAS LL 5518 H, Wacker introduced a particularly hydrophobic novel dispersible polymer powder for applications in damp rooms or outdoors. And with GENIOSIL WP, waterproofing membranes for flat roofs, balconies and terraces can be formulated without the use of solvents.

Surface Coating Resins for Packaging and Printing Inks
The new surface coating resin VINNACOAT LL 8100 allows effective sealing of aluminum foils to non-polar plastics such as polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene. Thanks to the polymer’s inherent elastic properties, no additional plasticizers are generally required in the formulation. That makes it particularly suitable for heat-sealable packaging systems, for instance for yogurt lids or water and juice cups.

For printing inks in sterilizable food packaging, Wacker has developed the new VINNOL H 5/50 A: the surface coating resin is both taste- and odor-free, adheres strongly to a wide range of polymer substrates and offers high pigment compatibility. Additionally, it complies with numerous food-contact regulations.

Complex Adhesives Applications
For high-strength structural adhesives, Wacker presented its hybrid polymers of the GENIOSIL XB product range: based on alpha-silane technology, they cure on contact with atmospheric moisture to form thermosets and achieve the high Shore-D strength needed for structural adhesives. They also have no known health risks, meet high technical requirements and give manufacturers wide scope for formulation.

For exceptional adhesion on difficult-to-bond surfaces, Wacked showed VINNAPAS EP 8010: the dispersion reliably and permanently bonds paper to challenging surfaces such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester or polystyrene. It is also characterized by outstanding heat resistance and very high setting speed. The dispersion is thus ideal for high performance paper and packaging applications, but also for further areas, for instance in laminated products for car interiors.

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