Trexel announces development of new MuCell-focused technical center

Trexel and strategic partner SA Engineering bring staffed MuCell technical center to heart of U.S. auto industry

Trexel Inc. (Wilmington, MA) announced on May 10 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with SA Engineering, a new venture that has opened a trial facility for technical collaboration using state-of-the-art Engel injection molding equipment and the latest MuCell foaming systems. Trexel has led the development of the MuCell microcellular foaming injection molding technology and has pioneered many plastic processing solutions.

Injection Moulding Machine
Trexel announces development of new MuCell-focused technical center

The SA Engineering Technology Center (SA Tech Center) is envisioned as a collaborative incubator for developing leading leading-edge technology processes and finding innovative and efficient solutions to reach customers’ objectives. The center’s specialists and partner companies will support customers in optimizing specific processes using state-of-the-art injection molding equipment and technologies in a confidential environment, said Trexel.

The SA Tech Center is located in Livonia and will showcase five new Engel injection molding machines ranging in size from 285 to 3500 tons. Currently, three of these machines are MuCell-compatible and are equipped to run with Trexel’s latest T-series gas-dosing systems located on-site. The new T-series combines a simplified user interface with gas-dosing precision for reliable, repeatable and consistent foaming results. Trexel’s North American automotive technical team is co-located at the center.

“Our participation in the SA Tech Center allows us to bring a staffed MuCell technical center, similar to what we offer in Wilmington but on a greater range of injection molding machines, to the heart of the North American automotive industry,” said Brian Bechard, President and CEO of Trexel. “Furthermore, we believe that sharing a facility with complementary injection molding technologies will enable a new level of collaboration and problem-solving.”

MuCell product development capability is available on three Engel machines: The 285T Tech, 660T Wide Platen with core back and 1000T Wide Platen with core back. Trexel also will provide R&D and mold trial support for customers interested in evaluating TecoCell, the company’s latest chemical foaming technology that provides uniform microcellular structure to injection molded parts. These machines are already in operation, and Trexel has been conducting trials in the facility since early March, said Trexel.

Trexel and Engel are collaborative partners in automotive lightweighting of various components. Joachim Kragel of Engel, who spoke at the recent Plastics-In-Motion conference in Charleston, SC, presented the company’s new Dolphin process which involves production of the whole part in one molding cell.


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