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Trelleborg develops lightweight and cost-saving hybrid brake pedal

Responding to market demand for weight reduction of manufactured car components, Trelleborg Automotive has launched an innovative lightweight hybrid brake pedal.


The new hybrid brake pedal incorporates a design that blends glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal, a combination which, according to the manfuacturer, delivers a weight saving of between 30% and 50% compared to traditional, metal brake pedals.

The new pedal also enables cost-savings as a result of a more efficient production process that ensures faster assembly of the final product.

As introduced, the new Trelleborg brake pedal is manufactured using a stamping process that is quick and cost-effective. The metal insert is over-molded at the plastic injection stage, a process using innovative water injection technology to fuse glass fiber reinforced plastic with metal, creating a tubular body and delivering the complete and final assembly in a one-step process.


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