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Thermal imaging camera with onboard processing for heavy industrial, R&D and automation applications

A series of thermal imaging cameras for heavy industrial applications and compact for use in R&D and automation

has been introduced by Land Instruments International, a unit of AMETEK, Inc.

As introduced, the new Arc cameras have high-resolution radiometric imagers and a field of view options that can view targets at any distance with high clarity. Because temperature processing is performed by onboard software, the cameras do not need to be connected to a PC, but to a range of I/O modules by standard industrial Ethernet for simple stand-alone operation. An advanced focal plane array detector technology is used to produce high accuracy temperature measurements.

Available options include two temperature ranges, four lenses, two frame rates and three software variants. Standard Arc Viewer software enables visualization of thermal data; Viewer+ offers configuration of Smart Camera features; and LIPS allows complete analysis, recording and playback of thermal data. A choice of enclosures allows dependable operation in harsh environments.

The thermal imaging cameras operate over a wide temperature range from -20° to 1,000°C.


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