VICTREX PEEK material data now available on leading modelling database to accelerate application developments

June 17th, 2014 – Three high performance thermoplastics from Victrex have been added to a leading material and modelling database called Digimat-MX to accelerate the application development process while helping to minimize component weight and costs. The material modelling data stored on the database helps engineers investigate and predict the behaviour of composite materials. These […]

Dynamic cavity temperature control with recycled CO2 requires no water

vario gt: Dynamic cavity temperature control with recycled CO2 requires no water

Kierspe/Germany, October 2013 –At K 2013, gwk (, a leading supplier in the areas of cooling technology, temperature control, water treatment and mould technology, will be demonstrating, how significant savings in energy consumption and cost as well as reductions in cycle times can be achieved in the injection moulding process by using advanced cooling and […]

Collaborative venture yields lightweight composite parts

Collaborative venture yields lightweight composite parts

A collaborative project LIPA (Lightweight Integrated Process Application) betweeen a number of companies is now resulting in the series production of lightweight fibre composite parts.The project combines fabric-reinforced thermoplastic thermoforming with long-fibre direct injection moulding. Tepex fabric-reinforced thermoplasticsheets are cut to size and then pre-heated and then placed in the mould, where they are thermoformed […]

new compostable biocomposite

JELU: new compostable biocomposite

The German company JELU has developed a fully decayablebiocomposite for industrial processing. The new material made from thermoplastic starch (TPS) and wood fibres is a wood plastic composite (WPC) that fulfils the European Standard for Compostability DIN EN 13432. It can be used with injection moulding and extrusion techniques, and is suitable for conventional plastics […]