Sumitomo (SHI) Demag delivered 100th Injection Moulding Machine to Rosti China

Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., a specialist for injection moulding machines for plastics processing, is a subsidiary of the Swedish plastics processor the largest of the eight Rosti production plants worldwide. Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. delivered its 100th injection moulding machine to Rosti China in the second quarter of 2018.

Rosti owns a production plant in China since 2002. Since beginning Pat Williams, Rosti China’s Managing Director, and Stephan Greif, CEO of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) has developed a strong relationship.

Pat Williams, Rosti China’s Managing Director, said, “Thirty years ago, we had Demag injection moulding machines at Rosti in Europe. We knew the technology and the product range inside out. In order to make sure production in China started up smoothly, we invested in proven Demag technology and transferred Demag machines from European locations to China. This ensured that production got going quickly and reliably. The fact that the German-Japanese injection moulding machine manufacturer was right around the corner with its sales and service team also facilitated cooperation. Further investments in injection moulding machines could now be coordinated with the application specialists at Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo).”

Rosti China serves as a full-service provider to a large number of high-tech customers from the electronics industry, offering development and product design solutions. The company is serving core industries such as office technology, packaging, medical, life sciences, automotive, home automation and B2B products.

Rosti also offers contract manufacturing of high-end plastic products and has strong capabilities in the procurement of external parts, toolmaking, ultrasonic/vibration welding, painting, component assembly and clean room production. Rosti China is known for high-performance, variable injection moulding machines, robotics and automation to achieve high output and reduce the workforce.

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