Steer, a globally acknowledged force in polymer processing machinery, has acquired Zheng Feng, a single screw pipeline manufacturer based in China. This acquisition will provide Steer with enhanced manufacturing and assembling capacities to speed up time-to-market single screw, twin screw, and R&D extruders.

Steer’s foray into China marks a turning point in the company’s growth. Steer’s footprint in China opens the door to a wider global reach, as well as an opportunity to be a strong player in the Chinese market.

Dr Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director, Steer said, “Being one of the largest producers of consumer durables, there is presently an immense demand for high-quality engineered plastics in China. Steer intends to address this requirement with its technology-driven application based single screw, twin screw extruders, elements and peripherals. Over the next few years, Steer will make a powerful impact in the Chinese market by providing superior extruders for plastics extrusion, polymer compounding and color-batch manufacturers.”

Steer’s development extruder OMICRON and its Yellow Jacket Line offerings will play a pivotal role in triggering new application-based development.



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