Kiefel, a German plastics processing machinery supplier specialized in thermoforming, has recently launched the new ECOFORMER KMV 53 E. The forming air pressure of up to 5 bar ensures top-quality formed components, even in short production runs.

The new ECOFORMER puts the accent on cost-effectiveness and best results in terms of production. Flexible adaptation of forming air pressure to the forming surface of the tool (max.530 x 366 mm) is one argument in favor of the ECOFORMER. This allows forming on the maximum surface area to take place at pressures of up to 3 bar, or at up to 5 bar with a corresponding reduction in forming surface area. The components that leave the mold are of the best-possible quality. A carefully-designed forming-air system supplies the required compressed air to the forming tool even more quickly. The air spreads out in a single, fast operation, which is decisive for short filling times and therefore increased production performance.

High-performance heating is another decisive factor. The upper and lower heater platens, which are designed to provide three-way heating along the maximum feed length, can be brought right up to the tool. The three levels of heat output allow the foil to be heated uniformly and quickly, which has an immediate and positive effect on forming performance and results. A wider range of materials can be processed.

The ECOFORMER is delivered without a pre-blow box. There is, apart from better accessibility in general, room for a lower clamping frame – which in turn increases the number of tooling possibilities. Tool design can therefore be made simpler and more cost-effective.

An optional width-adjustment mechanism can be added downstream of the stacking unit in order to position the formed parts precisely during the stacking process.



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