Pantone LLC announced the availability of large-format Pantone Plastic Standard Chips. With the ability to match all 3,400 standard Pantone Colors in the Pantone Plus Series and Pantone

Fashion + Home Color System Libraries, Pantone Plastic Standard Chips provide designers across industries – from industrial and product design to fashion accessories and toys – with an internationally recognized color language for plastics. Pantone Plastic Standard Chips are sold individually, making it possible for designers to send complete color specifications, along with their designs, to clients and manufacturers – increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and accelerating speed to market.

“Color is a critical element in product development and even the slightest inconsistency can impact market success,” said Giovanni Marra, director of corporate marketing at Pantone. “The new Plastic Standard Chips are matched to internationally recognized Pantone Color Libraries, making the coordination across all materials – from products and packaging to advertising collateral and Web properties – simple and reliable. For example, Pantone PLUS 205 is the same in paper, plastic and online.”

Created using polypropylene, a substance that closely aligns with materials commonly used in production, Pantone Plastic Standard Chips include both gloss and matte finishes in a large 3″ x 1-7/8″ format. The new larger chips are tiered, ranging in thickness from 1mm to 2mm, making it easier to visualize, measure and match Pantone Colors in plastic. A small hole in the upper left corner of the chip lets designers conveniently group palettes on rings. Individual chips include Pantone Color names and/or numbers along with the corresponding pigment formulations and spectral data information. Custom color matches are also available.

Pricing and Availability
Pantone Plastic Standard Chips are sold individually for U.S. $16.00 and are available immediately online at and through Pantone resellers worldwide.


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