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Sonoco Recycling Introduces Sonoco Sustainability Star Award Program

Sonoco Recycling, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hartsville, S.C.-based Sonoco, has launched its Sonoco Sustainability Star Award

program. Sonoco says that the program was created to recognize customer and Sonoco facilities for achieving significant milestones in landfill diversion and waste stream reduction. The program is comprised of three tiers:

* Gold recognizes facilities that have achieved 99 percent landfill diversion.
* Silver is awarded to facilities achieving a 95 percent landfill diversion.
* Bronze recognizes facilities that have made significant waste reduction achievements such as drastically reducing their waste streams or implementing a new composting system.

“With the increasing importance placed on sustainability by both Sonoco and our customers, we felt compelled to create a program that would recognize those facilities that take considerable steps to achieve higher levels of sustainability,” says Jim Brown, vice president of Sonoco Recycling.

“To date, we’ve experienced great success in helping our customers – in targeted facilities – significantly reduce their landfill waste or become landfill free. We fully expect this program will encourage even more of our customers to strive for significant reductions in landfill waste. Additionally, by recognizing the efforts of our own facilities, the new Sonoco Sustainability Star Award program furthers Sonoco’s goals of achieving landfill-free status at 10 percent of our plants by 2015.”

Plants and customers who have achieved landfill-free status prior to the program’s implementation will be recognized retroactively.

Sonoco Sustainability Star Award winners to date include the following plants, all at Gold level:

Boeing, North Charleston, S.C.

Cascades Sonoco, Birmingham, Ala.

Kraft Foods, Philadelphia, LeHigh Valley, Pa. and Suffolk, Va.

Procter & Gamble, Auburn, Maine

Unilever, Suffolk, Va.

The Sonoco Sustainability Award program will be administered through Sonoco Recycling and Sonoco Sustainability Solutions LLC.


Source : www.recyclingtoday.com

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