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SIMONA to unveil numerous innovations and product concepts at K 2013

SIMONA to unveil numerous innovations and product concepts at K 2013
  •  SIMONA® Pipes with Functional Layers – High abrasion resistance and longer service life
  • SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems – Range of pipes and fittings for superior safety in industrial applications
  • SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets of the Third Generation – Significant advancements in material efficiency and stability
  • Extruded Sheets Made of Resysta® – Material combination
SIMONA to unveil numerous innovations and product concepts at K 2013
SIMONA to unveil numerous innovations and product concepts at K 2013

with organic filler for genuine wood look and feel Kirn, 20/08/2013. As one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplatics, SIMONA AG has chosen the motto “Discover Future Solutions” to present itself as an innovative supplier of polymer solutions at this year’s K 2013 trade fair. Having expanded its product development capabilities, the company will be showcasing a number of innovations and previously unseen products.

Focusing on safety, efficiency and sustainability, SIMONA will be presenting new ideas and outlining its expertise as a development partner for highly sophisticated projects. The extensive range of products, materials and processing methods can be explored by means of interactive media.

Among the premieres at K 2013 will be:

SIMONA® Pipes with Functional Layers
The strain exerted on the interior surfaces of a plastic pipe by abrasion and impact can be considerable, e.g. during the hydraulic transport of solid materials such as sand, gravel or loose rocks. Coextruded SIMONA® PE 100 Pipes feature integral or additional interior skins made of high-molecular-weight PE or modified polyolefins. Boasting high abrasion resistance, they are capable of withstanding extreme mechanical loads. Owing to their improved properties, SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes have opened up entirely new
fields of application. In Norway, for example, they have replaced steel pipes previously used for transportation purposes on trawlers in the fishing industry. Not only do plastic pipes – featuring smooth and durable interior surfaces – prevent damage to the catch, they also have a longer service life thanks to their high level of corrosion resistance.

SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems
SIMONA AG has added to its range of products by introducing laminated liner piping systems that are designed in particular to meet exacting safety standards in industrial applications. A new manufacturing method applied to adhesion promotion allows various materials (PP, PVDF, E-CTFE) to be processed, creating the strongest possible bond between the pipe and the laminate. Laminated pipes are primarily used for the purpose of transporting aggressive substances in the field of mechanical engineering.

Due to stringent safety requirements applicable within this sector, operators have to ensure a high bonding strength between the thermoplastic pipe and the load-bearing structure. This is achieved by means of the new processing technique. Having only just been launched, this product has already had its first success story as part of a major construction project.

SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets of the Third Generation
SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets of the third generation represent much more than an updated version of their predecessors. Thanks to highly innovative technical adjustments, the efficiency and stability of the sheets have been optimised while keeping the overall thickness of the walls to a minimum. This will help to open up new areas of application.

Extruded Sheets Made of Resysta®
SIMONA and Resysta International GmbH have come up with a genuine alternative to wood-based products – in the form of extruded sheets made of Resysta®. The polymer containing an eco-friendly filler that features rice husks is made into sheets that look and feel like real wood. In contrast to comparable wood-based products, however, these moisture-resistant products do not swell when they are exposed to water.

What is more, they are UV-resistant and even have anti-slip properties when wet. This makes the material suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use – while also conserving valuable resources. The potential areas of application for these sheets include wall and facade elements, fences, outdoor furniture, interior car linings, sanitary fittings and play equipment.

Technology Centre to be built in Kirn
SIMONA AG will be looking to further strengthen its innovatory capabilities by building a new Technology Centre at its headquarters in Kirn. As from 2014, it will offer the most advanced process technology available within the area of polymer production. The Technology Centre will expand SIMONA’s capacity levels, allowing the company to conduct more customer-specific development work with new materials and combinations of material.

New training programme offered by SIMONA Sales Academy
The SIMONA Sales Academy brings together the company’s global training activities for customers and business partners. Alongside training centred around the fundamentals of thermoplastics, the Academy also offers tailor-made seminars. The new training programme for 2014 will be presented at K.

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