Italian packaging machinery manufacturer Sacmi has developed a new PMA24L that inserts “PVC-free” liners in metal caps.

The latest innovation is called PMA24L – acronym for “Plasmatic for metal for ring-shaped liners with 24 moulds and large caps”, whose prototype has undergone testing since mid 2010. It is natural for a company already a pioneer in the production of crown cap lining machines to develop solutions to overcome the problems faced with large twist-off caps, i.e. metal covers used for jams, ready-made sauces, vegetables preserved in vinegar but also baby food. Fields in which, more than ever, the difference is not only from the hygiene point of view but also organoleptic integrity, not always safeguarded by PVC liners which in several cases “leached” substances to the product.

This is how the idea for the PMA24L came about, which goes hand in hand with the latest innovations developed by plastic material manufacturers for large PVC-free caps. A class of products facing numerous problems, above all the need for strong resistant liners capable of withstanding hot filling, pasteurization and sterilization at temperatures over 100 degrees.

Actually designed and engineered to process metal caps, in the future it will be possible to adapt the machine to line plastic caps. In addition, great satisfaction is expected to be obtained from the baby food market segment as the technology employed in the new PMA24L can also be used to line caps of various sizes made in different materials. Today two versions of the PMA are available, the “flagship” one, capable of handling 1000 caps a minute, and a smaller model, with 12 stations, that can reach 500 pieces in the time unit.


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