Rinco Ultrasonics unveils breakthrough technology for ultrasonic film sealing

Rinco Ultrasonics unveils breakthrough technology for ultrasonic film sealing
Rinco Ultrasonics unveils breakthrough technology for ultrasonic film sealing

Rinco Ultrasonics, a US manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, has unveiled breakthrough technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible packaging for dry and liquid foods, personal care items and electronics. The company’s new FPA series ultrasonic pouching sealing system, FPA-4500, is designed specifically for sealing pouches with up to 4½sqi of seal area. Another version, FPA-4500S, is created for use in duplex and triplex applications where a narrow profile is required. Rinco says its entire FPA series of ultrasonic sealing systems have been designed to replace existing heat sealing equipment on liquid filled pouch form-fill-seal (FFS) machinery or pre-made pouch systems.

The novel systems incorporate Rinco’s patented PPS0145 seal technology. Each FPA system features a highly rigid actuator capable of rapidly generating the clamp forces required to seal pouches with short cycle time. “Our technology propels ultrasonic welding to an entirely new level, broadening the design and manufacturing options for OEMs and co-packers, simplifying the process, and making it less costly to operate,” explained Gordon Hull, Managing Director of Rinco Ultrasonics. “The limitations of ultrasonics have been solved, making the joining system a highly useful and viable option for a range of flexible packaging applications.”


The PPS0145 interlocking film sealing technology permits seal patterns with greater surface area than competitive ultrasonic seals. In addition, it allows production of contour-shaped seals, unlike the straight line seals offered by competitive ultrasonic equipment. These seals can take almost any configuration, offering end users a range of branding options to differentiate their products, according to Mr Hull. Seals anywhere from 2mm to 25mm are now possible compared to 1 to 2mm previously. With the interlocking design and robust equipment, Rinco is able to offer offers wide ultrasonic seals which are more preferable by end users, without the need for follow-up heat sealing, thus saving time and cost.

The patented ultrasonic seal technology also delivers an increase in bond strength over conventional ultrasonics. Depending upon the film used, Rinco claims that its interlocking pattern can provide a 20% stronger bond than conventional ultrasonic seals.


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