Revolutionary New Vertex™ Pressure Sensor from Dynisco Delivers Performance, Durability, Environmental Benefits

Revolutionary New Vertex™ Pressure Sensor from Dynisco Delivers Performance, Durability, Environmental Benefits
Revolutionary New Vertex™ Pressure Sensor from Dynisco Delivers Performance, Durability, Environmental Benefits

Exceptionally robust, faster and significantly friendlier to the environment than other sensors, the Vertex™ melt-pressure sensor from Dynisco sets a new, higher standard of control for plastics extruders. Vertex is ideal for all plastics extrusion applications, including those in food, pharmaceutical and medical.

“There has not been much to differentiate one pressure sensor from another for quite some time,” notes Matthew Carrara, Vice President & General Manager, Dynisco Plastics, “but all that changes with the introduction of Vertex sensors. For the first time, we’re sensing pressure directly, without using complicated mechanical structures or liquid fill media. This means faster response and better control for today’s precision extrusion systems.

At the same time, the sensor is significantly more robust for longer service life and lower cost of ownership.” The breakthrough technology lies at the tip of the sensor, where melt pressure is registered directly through a single, more robust diaphragm. Direct measurement eliminates errors that can arise in sensors with complicated internal structures, transmission fluids and moving push rods. The Vertex diaphragm is much thicker than the diaphragms in other sensors and is made of tough Inconel 718 alloy, which provides a higher level of corrosion resistance than stainless steel. For added protection against abrasion and corrosion, the tip is coated with a diamond-hardened DyMax™ coating. The sensor wall structure has also been fortified to handle side stresses.

The thickness of the diaphragm and materials of construction make for a highly robust device that can be expected to outperform and outlast other sensors available. Dynisco is so confident in the durability of the Vertex sensor that is it covered by an unprecedented 4-year warranty. This is believed to be significantly longer than any other sensor warranty on the market today.

Faster processes and controls demand faster sensing measurements, and so the Vertex sensor is many times faster than traditional sensors. Accuracy, as defined under the ISA-S37.1 standard, is pegged at ±0.25% full scale over standard pressure ranges of 1500, 3000, 5000, 7500 or 10,000psi. Vertex sensors are available with 3.33mV/V or 4-20mA output signals and are designed to work with universal pressure indicators. J–type thermocouples are available to provide a melt temperature signal. The process connection is 1/2-20 UNF (with 45° conical seat) for installation in standard transducer mounting holes.

Vertex is not only a better sensor, it is also very environmentally friendly. Thanks to direct sensing technology, it contains no mercury, no NaK, no oil, no Gallium – in fact, there is no fill material of any kind. There is nothing to leak and no disposal concerns. It is also fully compliant with the European RoHS directive. With a longer design life, Vertex also contributes to waste-stream reduction. “Environmental regulations and community consciousness are driving sustainability policies and programs,” says Carrara. “Dynisco is committed to helping companies both large and small become better global citizens.”

About Dynisco
Dynisco is the leading provider of accurate, robust and reliable measurement and control solutions for extrusion and other plastics processes where pressure and temperature are critical. The Dynisco Plastics Segment is part of a global organization providing sensing technologies, control equipment and analytical instrumentation for a wide range of industrial applications. The Company has manufacturing facilities in the United States (Massachusetts, New York and Ohio), and also in China and Malaysia. Dynisco serves a diverse group of customers throughout the world, including OEMs, distributors and end users.

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