Report says, Russian scrap exports boosted in 2012

MOSCOW: Figures indicate that the Russian scrap exports industry continues to be in an upbeat mood. The statistics released for the previous year (2012) indicates that the total scrap exports during the first 11 months of 2012 have increased by 10.3% year on year.

The net exports totaled 4.006 million. With another 364,000 tons expected in December, the net annual exports figure is estimated to touch 4.37 million tons. Turkey remains to be the largest importer of Russian scraps (2.049 million tons), followed by Korea (836,000 tons) and Spain (336,000 tons).

When analyzing the November monthly exports figures, Turkey and Korea still remains to be the top importers of Russian scraps. However, exports to Spain have dropped significantly. Exports to Germany recorded huge increase, when compared to the monthly figures of the previous year. The November ’12 scrap exports increased by 7.6% from that of October ‘12.