Plastic Recycling

Put plastic recycling bins in all NSW schools!

It’s ridiculous that, though we educate our children about the importance of sustainability and about our coexistence with nature, we are not given the means to practice what we preach.

Our schools produce an enormous amount of general waste and plastic is just thrown in amongst this to go into landfills or tips and poison our land.

The impacts of this and effects of recycling plastic can be seen here in this short video. Steps need to be taken toward better recycling systems and the first on this path is to start by reducing our waste and recycling PROPERLY!

There is a simple solution to this issue, I am dumbfounded as to why no one has acted on it yet, and I believe it is our time to act.

Our Premier, Minister for Education and Minister for Local Government have the ability to change this issue by making MIXED recycling mandatory, not just the standard paper and cardboard bin offered now.


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