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PTi's G-Series linear bearing mounted roll stand receives US patent

Sheet extrusion machinery provider Processing Techonlogies International (PTi) has been granted a US patent for its linear bearing mounted

roll stand, the company said on November 28.

The patented G-Series roll stand is a key feature on PTi’s Globaline series of sheet extrusion systems, providing high precision and repeatability along with faster installation, the company said.

“This is an important technological development that significantly reduces installation time and ensures high precision and repeatability of the sheet extrusion system,” said James Johnson, PTi’s Senior Vice President of Applications and Technology.

The patent (US 8,021,140) was recently granted to PTi President Dana Hanson and his colleagues Mitchell Gritzner and Ryan Leopold. The patented design is better than competitive units according to PTi.

For a general roll stand, the cooling roll moves as a unit and the frame is mounted either on “V” wheels or “keyed” wheels with the matching track design. Initial installation for these competing units is time-consuming with track leveling and grouting requiring 80 work hours to complete.

But for the patented G-Series roll stand, PTi said it has cooling rolls that are mounted on a linear motion guide track. Instead of moving the entire frame, only the cooling rolls move when access to the die network is required. Movement on the linear motion guide track is extremely precise and repeatable, ensuring exact tracking and precise sheet alignment. Initial installation takes only approximately 16 work hours. Leveling of the frame does not require track installation but instead uses leveling pads which are pinned to the floor.

Another advantage of the G-Series design is the utility line for air, water, and electrical connections which are located beneath the frame deck plate. This placement yields unimpeded access to all key components for serviceability and maintenance. It also requires less space and fits in tighter confines because the frame does not move when the cooling rolls traverse back and forth, said PTi.

The G-Series roll stand is a key feature on PTi’s Globaline series of sheet extrusion systems and is sold separately.


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