Select polymers- Low density and High density – turned weak on the wholesale market in the national capital due to fall in demand from plastic moulding units amid fall in crude oil prices in global markets.

Traders said reduced offtake by stockists due to subdued demand from plastic moulding units mainly pulled down select polymer prices.

They said weak trend in crude oil prices globally also put pressure on the polymer prices.

Polymers are bio-products of crude.

Low density ( LD) N0 40 and LD No 400 polymers were down by Re one each at Rs 85 and Rs 87 per kg respectively on fall in demand from plastic bag makers.

High density (HD) blowing and HD moulding (deshi) lost Rs 2 each at Rs 80 per kg each.

Following were today&aposs quotations in Rs per kg:.

LD No 40 -86.00, LD No 400 – 8700 LLDP blowing 80, colour 75.00 HD Blowing 8000, HD moulding (deshi) 80, HD moulding (colour) 85.00, PP No 100 – 82, PP Colour 103, ABS (Indian) 100, acrylic 110-120 colour 120-125, crystal (Indian) 70, colour 82, poly carbonate 170-178, Nylon No-6 155, Nylon No 66 -190-200, PVC resin deshi 58.00, PVC pest grade 90. PTI SUN DP RS



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