Polymer materials distributor, Plastribution, is set to advise customers on how to develop a sustainable future using plastics in an upcoming webinar.

To be held on October 23, the webinar will address the increasing levels of environmental awarenes that is leading to growing pressure on the plastics industry to respond positively on the long term importance of sustainable polymers development.

“In providing solutions for the future, evaluating the environmental credentials of a ‘sustainable’ material or product is often complicated and sometimes difficult to judge,” explained Mike Boswell, Managing Director of Plastribution.

“Whilst this webinar does not seek to provide answers, it will help clarify the key issues and terminology used in the area of sustainability, enabling those listening to be able to make informed and balanced decisions in the future.”

The webinar will take place at 10am and is free of charge to attend. To book a place, click here.


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