Plastic’s Role in Vehicle Lightweighting Revealed at AutoPlastCON

Automotive OEMs including SAIC Motor, Chery Automobile, Dongfeng Motor, Chang’an Automobile, Great Wall Motors; leading auto

parts manufacturers China Auto & Accessories Corporation (CAPAC) and ContiTech; plastic manufacturers like Bayer MaterialScience, Dupont and SABIC Innovative Plastics will all be gathered at the AutoPlastCON on 27-28 February 2012 in Shanghai to discuss vehicle lightweighting using plastic auto components.

AutoPlastCON is a two-day dynamic event that offers the perfect opportunity for information exchange and interactions. The program consists of plenary presentations by leading automotive and plastic executives, interactive panel discussions, informal networking games and cocktail reception.

The program agenda of AutoPlastCON will shed light on the important issues affecting the usage of plastic in auto applications:
• Growth Outlook & Automotive Trends in China: Electric Vehicles, Hybrid & Fossil fuelled vehicles
• Auto Plastic Applications & Technology Advancements by automotive OEMs automobile components manufacturers
• Material Developments & Potential of Plastic Auto Components
• Automotive Plastic Processing Challenges & Opportunities
• Cost Optimisation Strategies

• Latest developments in Plastic Injection Mold for Automotive

The full agenda was recently released and can be viewed on

The normal fee to attend the AutoPlastCON is at USD1490 per person, but currently the Early Bird Special Price is USD990 or USD890 per person (group fee for 3 or more persons from the same company). For Automotive OEMs , there is a special price of USD490 or USD390 per person (group fee for 3 or more persons from the same company).

Interested parties can also participate in the AutoPlastCON opinion poll and stand to win free seats and accommodation to attend the AutoPlastCON . The prizes of one free seat plus 2-night stay at the Shanghai JC Mandarin hotel will be given to two lucky winners. To access the poll, please go to:

Sponsorship and speaking opportunities are available. Please contact for more details.


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