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IndustrialCOOP To Help Massachusetts Companies Needing Plastic Machining Services

Worcester, Massachusetts – As one of the leading and most important industrial and technical markets in the country, Massachusetts

continues to play an important role to America’s economy, according to IndustrialCOOP, partner of the American Machine Shops Network at As one of the largest B-to-B search engines online today, I-COOP said it nearly doubles its offerings in 2011 for fabricated metal parts, CNC machined parts and other made-to-order products from precision machining companies and other vendors specializing in plastic machining services, prototyping, engineering & design, small & large production runs as well as metal fabrication services and machining parts. spokesman Sean Fitzgerald said the precision CNC machining companies recently added to the site are primarily ISO compliant and capable of handling a wide range of custom manufacturing services for industries such as high-tech, medical, aerospace, telecommunications, microwave, OEMs, instrumentation, electronics and other applications at

According to Mr. Fitzgerland, custom manufacturers, specialty job shops, distributors and other suppliers most recently added to the industrial-focused search engine serve the entire state of Massachusetts with emphasis on its major cities such as Boston, Worcester, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River, New Bedford and other areas. Fitzgerald said nearly 100 Massachusetts Machining Shops are listed on the company’s directory at

“The Bay State is home to many world class manufacturers with state-of-the-art technology and equipment for producing precision parts and components made from a variety of steels, aluminum, copper, brass, alloys and other metals as well as plastics such as ABS, Ultem®, Phenolic, Alloys, PPS, Delrin®, Plexiglas, PVC, Noryl®, Rexolite®, PEEK, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and other materials,” said Fitzgerald. He concluded, “I-COOP is strongly focused on promoting quality-minded manufacturers meeting ISO requirements and other standards to ensure an efficient sourcing experience for its users sourcing all kinds of products and services utilized by today’s manufacturing community.”

About IndustrialCOOP, a division of Industrial Leaders is an extensive co-op B2B search engine and stand alone industrial directory with offerings from national and international distributors, manufacturers and other suppliers of industrial goods and services. The site is utilized by global manufacturing and engineering professionals looking for various kinds of industrial supplies, equipment, materials, tools and machinery from suppliers in over 54 countries at


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