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Plastics processing machinery sales hitting all-time highs

That is the case for members of the European plastics and rubber machinery industry, according to Euromap, the trade group that represents

the continent’s plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers. During the group’s triennial General Assembly meeting yesterday in Munich, Bernhard Merki, the newly re-elected president, announced that the demand growth rates in 2010 and 2011 are putting the European machine making industry on course to match the record production achieved in 2008.

“Our industry recovered very well from the economic and financial crisis in the countries associated with Euromap; this year’s production volume in the core machinery business is expected to reach almost €11 billion,” said Merki, who also is president of injection molding machine manufacturer Netstal.

“The three-year period between the previous and this year’s assembly was undoubtedly one of the most turbulent since Euromap was founded in 1964. The industry was hit by a downturn, the full force of which could not have been predicted when we last met. But the months that followed taught us a number of lessons. In late 2009, orders started to pick up again – albeit from a very low level – and this upswing continued during the whole of 2010 and well into 2011. Looking at new incoming order curves between 2008 and 2011 highlights just how much of a roller coaster ride this has been”, added Merki.

According to Luciano Anceschi, who was confirmed as vice-president of Euromap, European machine manufacturers’ focus on energy-saving equipment has been an asset. “There is a genuine global trend towards more sustainability. Saving energy as well as protecting resources is playing an increasingly important and pivotal role not only in Europe but in all major economic areas across the world…Euromap supports the manufacturers in the member countries with studies and recommendations. Being prepared may just give our industry the edge.”


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