Earth day has passed but it’s never too late to learn howto incorporate eco-friendly materials into your daily wardrobe. It can be much easier than you think. Believe or not, one of the most popular and most earth-friendly-materials to contribute to fashion is plastic.


From Christian Louboutin to Stella McCartney, fashion designers have commonly used and relied on plastic to make glamorous and everyday stylish looks.

Most recently, rapper and producer, Pharrell Williams created his own eco-friendly line, using bionic yarn (a highly durable material made out of recycled plastic bottles).

Essentially, plastic is everywhere, it’s durable, great for the environment, chic, and trendy. However, few people really know this.

Therefore, the website, Plastics Make It Possible has teamed up with fashion stylist and editor, George Kotsiopoulos to inform viewers on how fashion is made possible with plastic.

Plastics Make It Possible is known for educating and sharing the innovative ways plastics contribute to everyday life. Now they’re sharing that focus in fashion.

And who better to dish expert advice on innovative plastic fashion designs than fashion stylist and editor, George Kotsiopoulos?

Kotsiopoulos is the fashion writer behind the “Stylists Corner” on and style expert in the video series. Kotsiopoulos has styled for many celebrities that include Katy Perry, Julianne Moore, Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway, and Zoe Saldana.

Kotsiopoulos is the editor of C Magazine and the co-host on E! Entertainment’s weekly show, “Fashion Police” with Joan Rivers.   

On April 5, Plastics Make It Possible launched the first video in a year-long series of videos and exclusive online content. The videos and blog posts showcase the innovative uses of plastics in fashion design and accessories that can currently be found on the runway and in local retail stores.

In the video series and blog posts, Kotsiopoulos shares some of the current and classic trends that implement plastics to create the latest summer and spring trend looks.

Whether a fashionista is braving the April showers in her raincoat or  laying out on the beach in a hot, red two-piece, it’s plastic that contributes to both of these looks.

In the video, Kotsiopoulos also explains how common accessories such as bangles and sunglasses are commonly made from plastic to add that special touch to any outfit.

One of Kotsiopoulos’ latest blog posts discusses how plastic has made nail art trendy and a must-have for celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce.

Plastic nails are durable and make colorful nails beautiful for the spring and summer seasons without having to race back to the nail salon for a touch up. In his other recent blog post, Kotsiopoulos also shares tips and tricks on how to mix and match color, light fabrics, and 70’s-themed-pieces to create a chic, wardrobe for the season.

To read more on these helpful style tips and learn even more about plastic in fashion, check out George Kotsiopoulos’ blog posts and video series at

Viewers can expect more helpful style blog posts and videos from George Kotsiopoulos throughout the year on current trends and style tips.

To view the spring/summer trend video with Kotsiopoulos, visit Plasics in Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

The next time you wannna throw out those old pair of plastic rain boots or old shades, think about recycling or donating instead. To find nearby recycling centers in Michigan, visit


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