PIBOs diverted 18,000 MT from landfill through Social Lab

*A Milestone in the journey of scientific disposal of Plastic Waste*

Hey there,We take pride in declaring that we are successfully carrying out scientificdisposal plastic waste. Till now we have handled more than 18,000 MT whichwould not have been possible without the trust and support of allstakeholders of plastic waste.*We thank all PIBOs, ULBs, scrap dealers, co-processors and recyclers formaking it happen.*

This plastic waste was collected from various parts of India and consistedof both the recyclable as well as the non-recyclable fractions as per thecompliance requirement of the PIBOs under Plastic Waste Management Rules2016.

We would like to collaborate with you and help you in achieving yourcompliance targets under Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016.

* Evaluate your EPR Requirement.*

Please reach out to us at *zeba@social-lab.in <zeba@social-lab.in>*and *shailesh@social-lab.in

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Social Lab Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Social Lab Environmental Solutions is a waste management company, whichhelps companies to collect back and scientifically dispose of post-consumerplastic waste. We provide services to Producers and Brands to fulfillExtended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance under Plastic WasteManagement Rules, 2016.