NORRES Schlauchtechnik develops high-temperature hose for hazardous areas

NORRES Schlauchtechnik, a manufacturer of industrial hoses and hose systems based in Gelsenkirchen,

Germany, has come up with a high-temperature hose that is well suited for hazardous areas.

The new CP VITON 459 EL meets the requirements of the European ATEX directive and is recommended for transporting combustible bulk materials in accordance with TRBS 2153 (formerly BGR 132); it is also extremely heat resistant (up to approximately +210~C), highly flexible and compressible 4:1. Like all NORRES clamp profile hoses, the CP VITON 59 EL is based on a patented design.

Slightly more can sometimes be a very good thing: it’s hot in the hazardous area and at the same time the hose needs to combine optimal flexibility with an ability to withstand the extreme conditions on the production line. NORRES Schlauchtechnik recently extended its product range with the CP VITON 459 EL, developed in its own R&D department to cater for precisely this scenario. This new suction and blast hose is well suited for transporting aggressive solids such as dust, powder and fibers or aggressive gaseous media like vapors and smoke. Particularly when abrasive solid materials are involved, friction between the material conveyed and the wall or friction within the medium can cause a build-up of electrostatic charge. Discharges capable of igniting the explosive mixtures of gas, vapour, mist and dust are one of the principal hazards associated with electrostatic charging. In all areas where this kind of hazard can exist, transport hoses are subjected to high dynamic stresses during the course of the process and therefore need to be particularly reliable.

Inferior or inappropriate hoses not only pose a risk to the health of persons in the vicinity, they are also liable to disrupt production. On the other hand, not every hose that is electrically conductive or capable of electrostatic discharge is equally suitable for all hazardous areas. There are times when even the best hose starts to feel the heat, and the temperatures that have to be withstood by explosion-proof hoses are especially high. The CP VITON 459 EL developed by NORRES provides the perfect answer. It has an electrically conductive wall as defined by TRBS 2153. Its electrical and surface resistance are < 104 ohm. It is recommended for transporting combustible bulk materials and it meets the requirements of the European ATEX directive. It is simultaneously suited for all temperatures from -20~C to approximately +210~C. It exhibits good resistance to mineral oils, petrol, acids and bases, UV and ozone, and is kink-proof with a very small bending radius. The CP VITON 459 EL is predestined for dust removal and suction plants as well as flue gas extraction, blast furnace and welding gas exhaust plants and can also be used for bellows or expansion joints.

The CP VITON 459 EL further extends the already broad range of NORRES CP clamp profile hoses. All CP hoses are based on a patented design offering numerous benefits, particularly under high stress. The CP VITON 459 EL features a double-layer wall made of VITON-coated polyester fabric that is clamped in a spiral profile, with an embedded wire to prevent slippage. The profile clamps the wall firmly, so that it is capable of withstanding very severe loads. The outer profile is made of stainless steel (VA) to protect against abrasion. The CP VITON® 459 EL can be supplied in diameters from 38 to 1000 mm.


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