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New waste recycling scheme for residents in Victoria Centre Flats in Nottingham

Residents in Victoria Centre Flats have been supplied with orange bags for all recyclable waste such as paper

newspaper and magazines, cardboard, food and drinks cans, large tins, plastic bottles and plastic tubs, pots and trays.

Every Monday and Thursday, from 7am to midnight, residents can put their orange bags down the chute and Nottingham City Council will then empty the bins and separate the recyclable waste from the orange bags.

Residents are advised to dispose of their non recyclable waste on the remaining five days of the week so there is less rubbish to sort through in the chute.

Councillor Katrina Bull, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change at Nottingham City Council, said: “There are a number of different properties around the city which have a layout meaning that we need to look at new and innovative ways to provide a recycling service. We are very excited about this unique recycling scheme and hope that the residents of the Victoria Centre flats will embrace this opportunity to recycle. By utilising the existing chutes, it has been made as easy as possible to take part and we hope that we can expand to more flats across Nottingham in the future.”

Any residents who run out of the orange bags can get more from the Victoria Centre Nottingham City Homes housing office (Monday, Thursday, Friday – 9.30am to 4.30pm) or the Victoria Centre Tenants and Residents Association (VICTRA) office (Monday – Friday 7pm-9pm). These are both on the 4th floor.

Residents who chose not to take part can return their bags to either of the locations mentioned above so that the bags can be used by someone else.

Nottingham City Council has been working closely with Wastecycle, who will be sorting the waste, to try different and innovative schemes to make the city’s recycling service more inclusive.

They believe this is the first scheme of its kind outside of London and they hope this new pilot scheme will be expanded to include other high rise flats in Nottingham.

Speaking of the new scheme, Alison Burch, Chair of Victra, said: “Recycling is a subject that we have championed for a number of years and we are pleased, and excited at the prospect of the Victoria Centre Flats being chosen as the pilot for such a scheme. VICTRA supports Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes in their endeavour to continue initiatives of this nature and we look forward to working with them on this project, and we hope for great success.”


Source : www.recyclingnewsportal.com

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