New modules ensure weighing accuracy and safety

Greifensee, Switzerland – 5th June 2013 – METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the release of the SWB505 MultiMount™ weigh module, which pairs durability with accurate and reliable weighing. With built-in safety features, the MultiMount™ ensures accurate weighing and trouble-free installation right from the start.

New modules ensure weighing accuracy and safety
New modules ensure weighing accuracy and safety

“We are very excited to bring this innovative weigh module to the market. Our goal was to create a weigh module that would ensure accurate weighing at the highest level of safety possible — and we met our goal with the SWB505 MultiMount™,” says Bodo Schulte-Ellerbrock, METTLER TOLEDO product manager.

The MultiMount™ offers built-in safety features, including the SafeLock™, to ensure easy installation. The SafeLock™ protects the load cell from accidental overload during shipment and installation and ensures proper mounting alignment for the best possible performance and reliability. The SafeLock™ protects the load cell against shock loads and keeps the weigh module aligned during shipping and installation.

Alternatively, the MultiMount™ can be installed without the load cell present and, at the last minute before calibration, the load cell can be inserted. This eliminates any possibility of damage to the load cell or its cable. With or without the load cell present, the weigh module is locked rigidly in its ideal position for installation. This, along with the fact that the mounting orientation is not critical, ensures a safe and professional installation every time.

The SWB505 MultiMount™ weigh modules are designed for reliable weighing in a variety of applications, including tank weighing and dynamic loading on conveyors, mixers and blenders. Even in environments with heavy vibration, high torque or in-motion weighing, these weigh modules are stable and accurate. It also offers a standard lift-off screw that absorbs tipping forces while a vertical down stop provides an added layer of safety. Its rocker-style load pin restores the top plate to its ideal position to maintain accurate, repeatable weight.

The analog quality legal-for-trade load cells use a rocker-pin design that automatically aligns load forces for accurate weighing. In addition, they are hermetically sealed, rated IP68 and available in three different materials (carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel,) which means they can be used in harsh industrial environments.

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