Metal replacement highlights new Evonik application
Metal replacement highlights new Evonik application
Metal replacement highlights new Evonik application

Plastic replaces metal in a device that applies dental fillings, making it lighter and easier to handle.

The working parts of the DinoPress applicator, which are subject to heavy mechanical stress, are now made from polyetheretherketone (PEEK) from Evonik Industries. The device can be steam sterilized up to 134°C.

The new DinoPress has been developed jointly by Gossau, Switzerland-based Alfred Schmid AG, producers of plastic parts for the dental industry for more than 40 years, and Basel, Switzerland-based Dolder AG.

“Thanks to its favorable properties, Vestakeep PEEK can be used in many medical technology fields. It’s as a metal substitute in particular that PEEK realizes its full potential,” says Beat Imhof, senior sales manager at Dolder AG.

According to Evonk, Vestakeep PEEK is more durable than titanium alloys and lends itself better to sterilization. It also has favorable mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties.

Evonik will be showing its latest applications for PEEK and other materials in two booths in the South Hall at NPE 2012 (numbers 24023 and 55020).

Another interesting new application from Evonik is a photovoltaic barrier film called Flexoskin that blocks harmful UV radiation and also prevents penetration of moisture. It replaces glass, making solar modules lighter.

The lighter barrier allows the use of flexible photovoltaics in locations where heavy, rigid modules cannot be used. These include  flat roofs of large industrial buildings and residential structures that may be loaded only to a limited extent. Other potential applications are car roofs and backpacks, where the flexible photovoltaic modules can serve as mobile power sources.

Flexoskin was launched in the United States at the Solar Power International trade show in Dallas, Texas.

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