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New metal detectable plastics launched for food processing industry

Quadrant, a manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials, announced the launch of its new range of metal detectable (MD) engineering thermoplastics to support the food processing industry’s need for reliable, traceable, and cost-effective machine parts.

Quadrant is the first manufacturer to offer a choice of polyethylene (PE), polyoxymethylene (POM), and polyamide (PA6) based food contact approved MD engineering materials.

The food processing industry requires plastics equipment parts that will provide the high level resistance to wear and tear, and the cleanliness necessary for today’s fast line speeds. At the same time parts must provide the reassurance of easy detection should fragments or particles break off and fall into the foodstuff during processing.

All materials deliver the necessary MD level for particles as small as 3mm x 3mm x 3mm. In addition to food compliancy (according to FDA and EU Directive 2002/72 EC standards), the individual materials offer different specific advantages such as good impact resistance, high wear resistance, good machining properties and convenient price performance.

The thermoplastics can be used in areas such as scrapers, funnels, guiders, gripers, seals, thrust washers, chain guider elements, and processing equipment for the dairy, meat and bakery sectors.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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