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Mitsubishi Polyester Film Develops Liner Recycling Program

Representatives from Mitsubishi Polyester Film Inc., Greer, S.C., have announced the development of a technical breakthrough that the company

says will allow it to establish a post-industrial closed-loop process for recovering polyester liner film scrap. The Reprocess sustainable liner recovery program follows several years of research and development on the part of Mitsubishi Polyester Film. “This program will also establish the cradle-to-cradle solution that the labeling industry has been seeking,” says Marshall Ledbetter, program leader for the project. “It is the first time a company has created a closed-loop sustainable recycling process for polyester release liners.” The company’s plant produces in-line silicone-treated release films, which act as the dispensing liner for labels that are put on consumer goods. The labeling process leaves behind a “spent liner.”  Mitsubishi says its researchers have created technologies to blend new and spent liners.


Source : www.recyclingtoday.com

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